nordic 2Ranked as one of the nation’s Top Ten Frozen Warehouse Companies by the IARW (Internal Associated Refrigerated Warehouses), Nordic Cold Storage is a multi-region cold chain provider of temperature controlled storage.
Known as “the cold chain specialist”, Nordic supplies a variety of frozen storage, transportation and logistics solutions to manufacturers, retailers and food service operators. The Nordic network contains over 32 million cubic feet of space covering most major markets in the southeast.
In business for over 50 years, Nordic’s services include Red Prarie WMS, rail service and cross docking, blast freezing, consolidation programs, fulfillment services and transportation services.

“Customer service has made Nordic successful. We go above and beyond for our customers. We can be flexible and ready to go in 5 minutes, with order accuracy and on-time scheduling,” notes Chris Gautier, Warehouse Manager, Nordic Cold Storage, Goldsboro, NC.
Lift trucks are continuously being used to pick and move orders. Gautier says the Doosan trucks that he gets from Mobilift’s Cape Fear Lift Trucks deliver as promised. “Joe Capps of Cape Fear Lift Trucks is top notch. I can’t say enough good things about him and Mobilift.”


nordic 3


“I’m happy with Doosan. I like that Doosan forklifts are smaller and more maneuverable in tight spaces, plus they are more durable.”

Chris Gautier, Warehouse Manager
Nordic Cold Storage, Goldsboro, NC

Operating in temperatures that are –5 to –30 degrees Fahrenheit, Nordic relies on a forklift that is durable enough to withstand the environment.

“The most important thing I look for in a forklift is durability,” comments Chris Gautier. Gautier also prefers Doosan’s B2OT 3-wheel quad mast truck, because it’s better for tighter aisles and tall racks. He adds, “Doosan’s machines just last longer.”





Founded in 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas, J-Mac Tool, Inc. designs and manufactures high-pressure hydraulic fracturing pumps and equipment for the oil and gas industry.
After manufacturing parts for others and later introducing their own pump design to the market, J-Mac Tool, Inc. designed and began manufacturing their own high-performance hydraulic fracturing trailers. J-Mac Tool, Inc. also provides repair and testing services for hydraulic fracturing and well servicing equipment in its 3 service locations in Texas.

When looking for new material handling equipment, J-Mac Tool, Inc. chose Doosan dealer CE-DFW Warehouse Solutions in Dallas, Texas. In the past, they were frustrated with long down times and waiting for parts to be ordered and shipped. With CE-DFW Warehouse Solutions, they are pleased with the personal attention and service they receive. According to Jon Urban, CFO, J-Mac Tool, Inc., “One call and CE-DFW is on the job. No delays, no long waiting. My account representative calls me to check on how we are doing and offers outstanding service.”


Since using Doosan forklifts, J-Mac Tool, Inc. has seen improved productivity and operating costs. The use of Doosan’s D160 lift truck has changed the way J-Mac Tool unloads their trucks and offers greater efficiency. “Prior to the use of the D160 lift, any 3PL truck carrying a heavier load would have to pull through the facility to be unloaded with the overhead crane. With the larger Doosan lift, the shop has the flexibility to unload and position trucks either inside or outside the shop, allowing for greater production floor space,” notes Urban.


“Doosan forklifts have reduced our maintenance costs by reducing down time. I would recommend both Doosan forklifts as well as the CE-DFW dealership.”

Jon Urban, CFO
J-Mac Tool, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX