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Acrylic Tank Manufacturing


Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) is the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the United States.

In 1994, Irwin Raymer, also known to some as ‘The General’ moved from New York City to Las Vegas to build his home that would house a custom-built aquarium. During his search for the best aquarium company to complete his one-of-a-kind project, he met and hired Wayde King. It was this project that brought Wayde, Irwin, and Irwin’s son Brett Raymer together into their current venture – Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

With such a unique company and effervescent Tanked Testimonial PROOF2-web.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.jpgowners, it was not long before ATM was
featured on its own television show, Tanked. This increased their business substantially and diversified their customers. Now their portfolio includes high-end commercial and residential clients, well-known celebrities as well as the average person.



Tanked Testimonial PROOF2-web.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

With business booming, ATM needed durable equipmentAsset 1 to build their aquariums and work within their factory. They also need reliable equipment since each job takes six to eight weeks on average.

Before choosing Doosan, Wayde and Brett shopped around and visited over 10 different competitors. When asked how they felt about Doosan, they simply stated, “Unbelievable. The Best Thing Ever.” Since then, the company has always used Doosan trucks at their facility.
ATM is not only happy with the product but with everything that comes with a being a Doosan customer. They are appreciative of the time and energy Doosan places into
building a relationship with them as well as going above and beyond to provide them with everything they need. ATM hopes this relationship continues to grow and they are excited about displaying additional Doosan products on their show.
In the words of Wayde King, “If you don’t have a Doosan, you don’t have a forklift.”


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