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ReCommunity Recycling


ReCommunity Recycling is an industry leader, Picture2working with communities in 14 states to recycle resources destined for landfills. They convert recyclables into clean and efficient commodities, products and energy. Their goal is to preserve the environment, benefit the economy and promote recycling value awareness.

ReCommunity Recycling’s River Plant in Scottsdale, AZ recycles plastics, paper and glass. One of five Arizona locations, the River Plant processes 29 tons per hour and over 560 tons a day.


Operating ReCommunity Recycling’s River Plant requires durable and dependable equipment built to function continuously for 18 hours a day.  Loose wires and broken glass are always present, making for a tough work environment.  The other brands of forklifts they previously used would break down from lots of debris getting into their engine compartments and from bailing wires getting wrapped around the forklift tires.  Those lift trucks also overheated, due to the small size of their radiators.  ReCommunity Recycling needed new and better forklifts to keep their production on schedule, so they turned to Reliable Forklift Sales, an exclusive Doosan dealer in Phoenix, AZ.


Understanding their customer’sPicture5 needs, Reliable Forklift Sales custom designed new Doosan G35 forklifts with a longer length belly pan, extending from the front of the forklift all the way to the engine.  The longer pan successfully prevents lots of wire, glass and paper products from      entering the engine compartment, which keeps the trucks operating properly.  The new Doosan forklifts are also equipped with a larger radiator that keeps the trucks running in the extreme Arizona heat.  Vic Villont, Area Sales Manager at Reliable Forklift Sales noted “we help our customers in any way we can.  In addition to the custom designed longer length belly pan, their forklifts included a shorter triple mast, transmission cooler, dual filters and an extended  warranty.”


“The larger radiators on our Doosan forklifts keep working in the Arizona heat.  We’ve had 3  other brands of  forklifts here that kept overheating.  Now they are waiting in the junk pile to be processed.”



Michael Mead, Ops/Maintenance Supervisor

ReCommunity Recycling

Scottsdale, AZ

Customer service is #1 at Reliable Forklift Sales. “If I need service, Reliable is here at my plant within an hour.  Reliable understands how important it is for us to keep our forklifts moving and they always take care of us, bringing us a replacement forklift if necessary.  I would recommend Reliable Forklift Sales and Doosan forklifts,” notes Michael Mead, Ops/Maintenance Supervisor, ReCommunity Recycling.

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