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Doosan took the first step in its legendary history in 1896 when Park Seung-Jik opened a small, modern store in Baeogae, Jongro 4, Seoul. From this first store, we continued to build on that success. In 1946, Too Pyung Park, the successor to Park Seung-Jik, changed the small store into the Doosan Store, heralding the beginning of Doosan’s modern history. Starting out, the Doosan Store supplied bolts of cloth for nearby communities. Later, Doosan developed Korea’s first cosmetic product ‘Pakgabun’, which gave the company a reputation for being ahead of the times.

In the 1950s, following the Second World War and the birth of the Doosan Group, the corporation evolved to become one of the nation’s major food and beverage manufacturers. As the nation recovered, Doosan diversified into construction, machinery, media and cultural services. Today, Doosan has diversified even further to provide vital services such as power, fresh water, roads, facilities and opportunities to nations across the globe.

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Despite our ceaseless growth and transformations, our commitment to people has never changed.

Of course there are many ways to commit to people, but at Doosan, our way is to provide the opportunities, tools, infrastructure and respect that people need to fulfill their ambitions and create better lives for themselves and their communities. As a company, we strive to grow and prosper, but we place an even greater value on what we do for people and what we achieve for society than just on growth or profit.

Our goal is to create a better world for people everywhere.

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Today, Doosan is driving innovation in 38 countries. We speak the universal language of growth and progress, working with countries and companies around the world as they plan their future development. With over 43,000 employees and 50% of its human resources being locally employed, Doosan is truly a global company.

In addition, Doosan is the fastest growing Infrastructure Support Business in the world. Doosan provides communities across five continents with the fundamental  solutions, tools and structures they need to advance their societies. By providing everything from vast thermal power plants in India, to desalination plants in the Middle East, and from construction equipment in China to machine tools in Europe, we are providing the solutions, tools and structures for communities across five continents to advance their societies today and into the future.

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Doosan is also widely recognized as a dominant player in the construction equipment industry, producing quality excavator and earth moving equipment. Just a few years ago, Doosan was the top provider excavators for the largest excavator market in the world, China. Doosan’s infrastructure support machines, including the renown Bobcat products, leads the industry with their technologically advanced components and excellent durability.

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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction contributes to making the Earth cleaner by developing technologies that maximize power generating efficiency (superconductor-based generators, ultra-super-critical pulverized coal thermal power plant) and are not dependent on fossil fuels (wind power), as well as technologies that remove harmful substances from exhaust gases (post carbon capture, pure oxygen combustion) and maximize the energy efficiency (ESS, microgrid).

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Learn more about Doosan in the water plant industry

Doosan desalinates 170 million gallons (6,000,00 tons) of sea water to provide fresh water to 20 million people in the Middle East

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is one of the leading providers of water solutions. Our proven portfolio of Multi-State Flash (MSF), Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination technologies enables us to deliver high-efficiency turnkey solutions with the shortest lead times in the industry. With a full range of engineering services within the water & wastewater treatment sector, Doosan is your total water solution provider.

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Check out the scale of Doosan’s forgings and castings

Boasting systematized production facilities and superior technology, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides extra-large casting and forging products for power plants, marine vessels, iron and steel forging, mold and tool steel, and other industrial facilities all around the world.

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See the different kinds of engines Doosan manufactures

As a comprehensive engine manufacturer, Doosan Engine supplies a wide variety of industrial diesel and natural gas engines around the world, as well as engines for large ships, a core area of the shipbuilding business.

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Learn more about the architecture business of Doosan

Located in Haeundae, Busan, a special tourism zone and international city gifted with an abundance of nature, Haeundae Doosan We’ve the Zenith is a 80-story tall and 300 meter-high multipurpose complex of the best quality, recognized as the highest residential building in Korea.

Interesting fact: The tallest residential building in the world was built in 2015 at 432 Park Avenue, NYC; boasting a height of 1,398 feet, it is 96 stories tall.http://bit.ly/1SVgZkc

We’ve the Zenith is currently tied for the 12th/13th tallest residential building in the world.http://bit.ly/1oIeF3U

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Read more about the Doosan Magazine

Starting from the high-fashion magazine Vogue, Doosan Magazine has introduced a series of magazines, including GQ, Allure and W to the Korean market.

A Name To Be Proud Of

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Our name ‘Doosan’ is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. It encapsulates our deep belief in people and the power of working together in harmony and mutual respect. Doosan is made up of two Korean words. ‘Doo’ means a unit of grain, while ‘San’ means a mountain. Together, they mean ‘little grains that can build a mighty mountain’, suggesting that great things can be achieved when even the tiniest forces join together in a unified effort. The name represents our mission to harness the efforts of every individual to keep progressing until we reach our goal. In this book we want to share our goal with you and how our commitment to people is helping us build a better tomorrow for all those we serve.

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Doosan has sponsored the construction of over 26 ‘Project Hope Schools’ in China

Doosan has built Hope Elementary Schools in China to provide children in underprivileged areas with learning opportunities, thereby contributing to the continuous development of not only the local education sector but also Chinese society as a whole. Doosan established a total of 27 Doosan Hope Elementary Schools across China from 2001 and 2012 and is now building another seven schools.

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And yes, we have our own baseball team.

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This article talks about how the Doosan Bears won the title last year, in 2015.

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Also known as the most powerful engine in the world, the WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex96C / RTA96C was assembled by Doosan Engine and Wärtsilä in the Doosan factory in Korea. This monster of an engine is bigger than most houses (89 feet long and 44 feet tall) and eats up 39 barrels of oil per hour, and can crank out up to 109,000 hp. You can catch a glimpse of how it is all assembled here.

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In addition, Doosan is an official sponsor for The Open Championship, one of the four major global championships for professional golf. Also known as the British Open, this tournament dates as far back as 1860, when it was first held at the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. The Open has now evolved into a four day event with over 150 of the world’s top players. This makes it one of the most prestigious championships in the world.

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In 2014, Doosan completed a project that consisted constructing the largest evaporator in the world, which can produce up to 91,000 tons of potable water, daily. Al-Majdouie, the logistics company that was contracted to transport the behemoth, broke the Guinness World Record for the largest load transported by ground. Watch this video to see the enormous project.


This past May, Doosan held the grand opening of its Doota Duty Free Store, located in an area of Seoul that never sleeps. “Doota” comes from taking the first syllables from each word of “Doosan Tower”.  Featuring more than 500 brands on seven floors, it is the first duty-free store in Korea that remains open into the nighttime. The Doota Duty Free Store not only provides incentives for its night shoppers, it has signed an agreement with 72 travel agencies to bring inbound tourists to the shopping mall, which will fuel the sales that is expected to reach a staggering $400M in the 1st year of operation. The main marketing campaign of the store features Song Joong-ki, the lead actor of “Descendants of the Sun”, an incredibly popular K-drama that aired earlier in 2016. Find out more about the Doota Duty Free Store here.


Doosan also supplies high performance steam turbines that is arguably the best you can find on the global market. We’ve been manufacturing steam turbines for over 100 years and we have built upon the years of experience. As with all our businesses, we capture our customers by offering reliable, efficient products at a reasonable price. Read more about Doosan Škoda Power  here.


Doosan has been serving its loyal customers in China for over 20 years. Not only that, Doosan Construction Equipment is serving many other countries as well. We are so confident in our equipment that, we built a 40 acre demonstration center called the ROC (Real Operation Center) in Tuscan, AZ, where you can test drive the equipment you are interested in purchasing.