Greentek Recycling Solutions


Greentek Recycling  Solutions of Charlotte,Picture1-1 North Carolina provides public consumers and businesses various environmentally responsible recycling  solutions for computers and other electronics. Greentek makes recycling easy with a  variety of programs, convenient drop-off locations, pick-up services, and secure data destruction.

Ethan Gilbert, founder of Greentek Recycling Solutions, is a fifth-generation recycler with an extensive background in recycling metals and operating recycling facilities. Gilbert says the biggest issue he faces daily is conveying “the importance of earth protection in a throw-away community.” Since its foundation, Greentek has developed a cost-effective, productive way to move and store recycled electronics, plastics, metals, batteries and more.


Gilbert worked closely with Atlantic Forklift Services, an exclusive Doosan dealer in Charlotte, to select the right lift truck to suit Greentek’s needs and the company’s long-term vision of growth. He chose the Doosan GC25 for its high power, fuel efficiency, and economical benefits.

“The GC25 has improved our productivity and allowed us to free up additional storage space needed to support our growing business,” explains the young entrepreneur.

Gilbert highly praises Atlantic Forklift Services by noting how timely and responsive they are: “We appreciate the quality customer service from Atlantic Forklift Services and Robert Scott, our account representative. Robert has done a great job to make sure we are taken care of and our routine maintenance is scheduled on-time.”
With their material handling needs met, Greentek is now poised to thrive in this dynamic and growing industry.




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